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You will be able to showcase your site’s reviews in Search

Published September 8, 2016 - 0 Comments

showcase your site's reviews in Search

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Today, Google is introducing Reviews. These Reviews will be coming straight from the web, and will be available to, all local Knowledge Panels. It will be the thing that will accompany their most recent launched best of lists, as well as, the critics reviews features. It doesn’t matter if your website does publish editorial critic reviews, the best of places lists, or even aggregate user ratings. Your content can be featured among the local Knowledge Panels for those users who may be looking for different places to go to overall.

Reviews that do come straight from the web

Reviews are something that will be available in two ways. These two ways are no other than globally on both mobile and desktop. What reviews can do best is this. They are able to bring aggregated user ratings directly from the web. These aggregated user ratings can come from as many as three sites and become part of Knowledge Panels. Knowledge Panels is used for all local places. These local places can be located across many verticals. The many verticals can be things such as restaurants, shops, parks, and a whole lot more.

The implementation of review snippet markup and the meet of their criteria will be the very thing that will make your site user generated composite ratings eligible for inclusion. You should make sure to add the Local Business markup in order to help Google match the right reviews. The right reviews do need to be matched to the correct review subject and it will assist in growing your site’s coverage overall. If you would like more information on the guidelines for Reviews from the web, critic review, and also top places list features. You need to check out Google’s developer site for reference. The critic reviews do tend to have an editorial tone of voice and are opinionated in position on local business. These critic reviews do come from either an editor or an expert on the ground. If you would like more information on how to participate, do refer to the details, which are listed in the critic reviews page.

What the information across Google Search does do is clear. It helps millions of people to, be able to, discover and share great place every day. Please do visit any of the webmaster forums, if you do have any questions.

For critic reviews

For the United States, as far as, mobile and desktop does go. Any qualifying publishers are able to openly participate in the critic review feature that is located in the local Knowledge Panels.