How Much Do Bloggers Make?

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In this article you'll learn how much money do bloggers make per month.

Blogging is a solid online business model and some people are earning 7 figures from a single website they started as a side hustle years ago.

how much do bloggers make

I reached out to 1000+ bloggers to get the data for the infographic.

Starting a blog is easy, but growing and monetizing it go together with challenges and that’s where most people give up and never see the earning potential of their website.
Many people every day launch a blog with the hope to turn it into their full-time career, but most fail. They don’t publish content consistently, don’t invest in smart marketing techniques, don’t educate themselves about the best ways to build traffic and an audience, don’t form relationships with their readers, etc.

These and other major blogging mistakes are what separates the bloggers who don’t succeed from those who do it full-time and quit their job once their blog business became profitable.
One big question in this field is ‘How much do bloggers make?’ In this article, you’ll see some examples of people who grew their platforms and who share exactly how much they earn and how in their income reports.

Writing and publishing income reports became a common practice over the last 10 years as many people are curious how a blog earns money and what passive income streams they have.
We hope that the list of bloggers below will inspire you to give this a try and start your own blog, then work hard to monetize it and start earning thousands of dollars from it every month. Once you have a solid platform that’s monetized strategically, you’ll also be able to free yourself from the 9 to 5 and live the life you want.

Let’s see how exactly popular blogs in different niches are making money so you too can replicate their process and begin earning.

Michelle from Making Sense of Cents

How much money Michelle from making sense of cents makes?

If you’ve been blogging for some time, have read income reports of bloggers, or are interested in Personal Finance, chances are you’re familiar with Michelle Schroeder-Gardner.
Why would you be? Because she started Making Sense of Cents a few years ago to track her journey to paying off her student debt, and there she is today earning more than $1 million from her blog.
How? By leveraging affiliate marketing (she consistently earns over $50,000 per month solely from this), monetizing her blog with ads and sponsored posts, and selling products (online courses).

She grew her blog thanks to:

  • publishing helpful content on anything related to making and saving money; sharing her own story of how she paid off her student debt, started making money online and then became a full-time blogger traveling the world with her husband;
  • getting featured on popular sites like Forbes;
  • growing community on her blog, building traffic and having a big email list (which means that every time she shares with them a new post with affiliate links or a special offer, many people would immediately sign up or purchase and earn her big commissions).

At some point, her income reports of how she earns over $100K month after month became so popular, that they helped her earn even more.
People from all over the world read them and share them on social media so that brings extra exposure to her story, blog and business.

Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income

How much money Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income makes per month?

Smart Passive Income is one of the most popular blogs in the Finance industry. Pat is a friendly guy with a great family who once had a regular job, but then started building niche sites and making some money, and created this site to share his mistakes and what he learns along the way.
He stopped publishing income reports last year, but there’s a lot of valuable information that can be found in his existing ones. He earns over $2 million from his website (affiliate marketing), the podcast, and selling his own products (books and online courses).

Abby from Just a Girl and Her Blog

Just a Girl and Her Blog Traffic and Income Reports Just a Girl and Her Blog (1)

Abby Lawson started Just a Girl and Her Blog back in 2013 when she knew nothing about blogging but wanted to give it a try. Today, she’s running it with her husband and it’s the family business.
She writes and creates products on the topics of productivity and organization, decorating and blogging, all of which are profitable niches for a blog.
She helps people organize their homes and plan their lives with practical printables, and make money online by starting a blog and monetizing it. Such topics perform great on Pinterest and bring her millions of views.
She earns between $40K and $50K per month thanks to affiliate marketing and products (eBooks and courses).

Matthew Woodward

How much money Matthew Woodward makes per month?

Matthew Woodward is one of the big names in the digital world. The marketing blogger publishes detailed tutorials and case studies that help people with anything related to Internet Marketing.
He shares his earnings over at his blog that reveal his secrets on to earn tens of thousands of dollars from a website.

Lindsay from Pinch of Yum

How much money Lindsay from pinch of yum's makes a month?

The next person sharing their income reports is the food blogger Lindsay, who runs Pinch of Yum. She’s passionate about cooking and takes beautiful pictures of her meals, shares her recipes and publishes all kinds of content around that topic.
Since then, she’s increased her blog traffic to millions of visitors on a monthly basis. Her income reports disclose how she earns over $80,000/month from affiliate marketing, ads, and sponsorships.

Lidiya K from Let’s Reach Success

How much money Lidya from lets reach success makes a month?

Another blog that started as a hobby but turned into a business is Let’s Reach Success. Lidiya started it as a personal blog covering anything related to personal growth and success, but now teaches people how to achieve financial freedom, make money blogging, earn passive income, and start side hustles while at their regular job.
In her income reports, she shares how she earns between $3,000 and $5,000/month from sponsorships, ads and selling products.

Ryan Robinson from RyRob

How much money the blogger Side Income Reports How Ryan Robinson makes a month?

Ryan is a writer and marketing consultant, but recently became a part-time entrepreneur too thanks to growing and monetizing his blog RyRob.
He publishes long-form content on topics such as freelancing, working from home and driving traffic to a website, and ranks high for some pretty competitive terms.
Every month, he shares how he earns over $10K from his side hustle through affiliate marketing, course sales, and client work. You can check his detailed guide on How to start a blog.

Ron from One Hour Professor

Income Reports Archives

Ron has more than one blog and earns a total of $15K each month through advertising, affiliate marketing, selling products and YouTube.
He’s a professor but became an Internet entrepreneur on the side to teach people how to create and market online businesses.

Sarah Titus

How much money the blogger Sarah Titus makes a month?

Another big name in the blogging world is Sarah from who earns 7 figures from her blog. Her story is moving and inspirational as she was in debt just a few years ago and living in a homeless shelter. She not only learned how to live with less and be comfortable with it and transformed her life, but was also determined to stay at home with her kids and provide for the family without having a regular job.
That led to starting an online business and earning through Shopify. Sarah now earns more than $100K/month thanks to e-commerce and selling products related to making money, blogging, and organizing your life with printables. In addition, she’s selling online courses teaching people how to do the same.

J from Millennial Boss

How My October Blogging Income Broke 5 000 with ample expenses

J is another gal who started with a huge debt and set the goal of paying it off and achieving financial independence.
She is a life hacker, obsessed with tracking her expenses and saving and making money, has a side hustle that earns her over $5K/month, and travels the world. In addition to running Millennial Boss, she has an Etsy shop and a podcast and has been featured in big publications like Forbes and The Huff Post.
J’s ultimate goal is early retirement and she’s blogging about personal finance and lifestyle over at Millennial Boss.

Kelan and Brittany from The Savvy Couple

Income Reports Archives The Savvy Couple (1)

Kelan and Brittany blog about family, finance, and freedom on their blog The Savvy Couple and have grown it to over $10,000 in monthly revenue.
They’ve both been struggling with finding a purpose in life, and couldn’t take it anymore. They were craving financial freedom and a better lifestyle so they decided to quit their jobs and start an online business. Their blog now has a big audience and makes money through ads, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.
In their first months of blogging, they made a ton of mistakes and learned from them, invested in building skills to be full-time bloggers thanks to the right online courses, and always kept their end goal in mind. They were so convinced blogging is the way to go that they were both waking up at 5 am to work on the blog before going to work. There are no limitations when you want something bad enough and having no time is only an excuse.

These are just a few of the bloggers earning from their platform. There are many more out there and you can be the next one.


As you can see, there are some similarities in this business model. Each blog usually starts as a hobby, as a personal site or just so the person can share their experience. Once there’s initial traffic and an audience, everyone realizes they can monetize the blog and turn it into something bigger.
The most common income streams to make money blogging are ads, creating your own products, sponsorships, and affiliate marketing.

You might see success with one of these, or you might combine them all to create a solid monthly income. Whatever the case, you too can start a blog and grow it to a full-time career.

How Much Do Bloggers Make?

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