How to make money online? (10 legit ways)

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You can start making money online today. There are plenty of ways that you can use to make money on the Internet. Some of the ways require more time to develop, other require more efforts, and other may require some investment.

how to make money online

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In this article I am going to cover legit ways to make money. I’ve interviewed some of my friends to tell you how they earn money online. Let’s get straight to the core of this article.

1) Make money as a freelance writer

There are plenty of people who are making money with writing. Not all of them are making good money thought. There are two main reasons for that:

  • Everybody thinks they can write
  • If you’re doing well writing for your blog as a hobby, it does not mean you will do well writing for clients. You may not feel the passion when doing it for money and it stops being a hobby anymore. Also, you may get frustrated if you’re writing for a low rate and you have to produce tons of content to make decent money.

If you want to be a successful writer you should find your niche and become very good at it. Really get into it and understand each detail of it. The easiest way to be one of those low paid frustrated writers is to get every assignment from wedding articles to tech articles and deliver mediocre job.

It’s not necessary to spend 18 months as David did to prove yourself that you’re capable of being a freelance writer but it’s good to take some time think about what’s you really love writing about, what’s your niche, what’s your level at the moment and where you want to get in 1-2 years.

David Hartshorne – Freelance writer

David from

The term Freelance Writer covers many styles, so the first thing you need to decide is what kind of writer are you going to be. For instance, are you going to write Books, and if so will they be Fiction or Non-fiction? Or do you want to write web content, and will it be as a ghostwriter or with your name? What topics will you write about?

I’ve read many comments in Facebook groups from people who want to be a freelance writer, but they have no experience, no blog, and no idea. That’s not a good place to start.

I believe it’s important to prove you can write before you start asking people to pay for your services. For instance, would you let an electrician rewire your house if he didn’t have a qualification or experience? I spent 18 months writing on my blog to prove to myself and my potential audience that I knew how to write web content. It doesn’t have to be that long, but you’ll find it easier to sell your services if you have some proof to back it up.

Also, it’s worth writing some guest blogs on established sites to help build your authority. The more writing you do, the more confident you’ll become. Your portfolio will look healthy, and you’ll be in a stronger position to approach prospective clients.

Get yourself into a good position and know what you want to write about, and who you want to write for before jumping into freelancing.

2) Make money as a Freelance Social Media Marketer

Many of us love spending time on Facebook. What if you can actually make money from it? Well, I’m not going to lie you. Setting up Facebook ads is different than scrolling over your friends posts. But let’s listen what Thallasa Van beek has to tell us about being a freelance social media marketer. I really like her tips they’re actionable and simple.

Thallasa Van beek –  Freelance Social Media Marketer

Thallasa Van Beek from

I work as a freelance social media marketer. That means that I manage accounts for clients on various platforms like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. I also setup and manage advertising campaigns. I believe that when you’re naturally a good communicator, it’s relatively simple to learn the necessary skills to be a professional, especially nowadays.

When writing comes easy to you, compliment your skills by taking Udemy courses on Facebook advertising and sales funnels. Familiarize yourself with platforms like Buffer and Canva by creating free accounts on them and playing around with them a bit. Then perhaps start your own blog to practice your social media skills around, or volunteer for a local charity in exchange for testimonials. This way, you’re building your experience and it will give you some results to show to your future clients. Once you feel confident that you have the skills, work on your client acquisition, for example with courses like Freelance Kickstarter.

3) Make money as a freelance translator

I’ll tell you something about me. At the beginning of my freelancer career I tried my luck as a phone interpreter on demand. I received calls from the UK or the United States helping my compatriots Bulgarians who cannot speak the language. The payment was good $1 per minute on the phone and the work was satisfying – I translated for women giving a birth or families who were kicked out on the street and we’re looking for accommodation benefits. It just didn’t feel what I want to do with my time. I was still a beginner at SEO and Marketing and I was so eager to spend all my time trying different SEO strategies and tactics.

You can earn good money as a translator or interpreter, especially if you language pair has high demand and low competition. It’s difficult to say which are those language pairs as they’re different for each country and region. Such language pair is Bulgarian and Italian. Giorgia De Marchi is a bilingual, native in both languages.

Giorgia De Marchi – Freelance Translator & Interpreter

georgia de marki

Hello everyone! I am Giorgia and I am a Freelancer. If you want to hear that it’s easy being a Freelancer Translator – it’s not. But is it worth it? Totally!

I became a Translator after graduating in Italian Philology at the University (4 years + studying at high school) and now I study Spanish (hoping to add it to my set of skills).

How I make money as a freelance translator – I work a lot but most of my clients come from other clients or people that know what I do for living, so if you want to be a successful translator without spending all the time looking for clients, share with people what your job is.

Be motivated and focused, sometimes is really tough – look around for opportunities: check out groups or useful apps for jobs for Translators – such as Upwork; be creative and professional! Always improve your skills: read a lot, watch movies, use dictionaries, don’t think that you know everything – it’s really important!

4) Make money as an SEO Expert

You can make tons of money doing client SEO. The problem is that SEO is not easy to learn. Even if you’ve watched all the video and have read all the articles on that topic, you still need at least 1-2 years of practice to really test and see yourself what does work and what does not. Many of the people writing articles about SEO have never ranked a single website in their life.

Even if you’re going to focus on sales and outsource your projects, you still need to understand SEO very well in order to manage the work of your contractors. There are many SEO contractors who are delivering poor job and if you do not know SEO you will get deceived.

Anyway, as in any other business sales is really important. If you do not sale, you’re out of the business.

Darryl Rosser – Founder of LionZeal

Daryl Rosser SEO Expert from LionZeal

“I find brick and mortar businesses that are making 7-8 figures a year (ideally), then partner with them on a retainer or pay per lead deal, to increase the number of enquiries they’re getting from Google.

A decent client can easily pay upwards of $1,000 per month on the low end.

The trick is in being confident you can get amazing results. Which is a learning curve. Personally, I learned after I got my first client, which is one way to speed it up.

The main thing is actually sales though. You can optionally outsource the SEO (or other service), but if you can’t sell, you don’t get paid.

5) Make money as an affiliate

Building niche site or authority website and making money as an affiliate is not easy but even if you’re just starting you can achieve a good income. However, you should be prepared to dedicate time and lots of efforts.

Zac Johnson – Blogger and Affiliate Marketing Expert

zac johnson from

When it comes to making money online with blogging and/or affiliate marketing, it’s all about knowing what your audience wants and giving it to them in the best way possible. This might seem easy enough, but many people are doing it wrong. For example, with blogging, way too many people think it’s just about creating content. There are already over a billion active sites on the internet, the last thing we all need is more content. Instead, it’s all about the promotion of your best content. This is something I cover in detail in my make money blogging guide. When looking at it from an affiliate perspective, it’s the same thing — focus on what the end user wants and make it as easy as possible for them to take action and get what they want. This is why landing pages are so effective when doing any type of paid marketing or intrusive advertising. You need to get the end user’s attention and get them started with a process… even if it’s as simple as just clicking a YES or NO button.

6) Make money by blogging

Making money from your blog is not that easy. Especially, if you do not have knowledge about SEO and digital marketing. It will take you lots of time and efforts to produce content, to promote, to bond with your audience before even thinking to monetize it.

Allison Green – Travel blogger

Allison Green from

I make money mostly through passive income streams, namely display advertisements and affiliate marketing. Other income comes from paid press trips, sponsored content, and freelance writing contracts which I’ve received through my blog.

Making money as a travel blogger isn’t as easy as it looks. It took me a year before I started making any money at all, and about two years to have a comfortable income. To succeed at blogging, carve out a unique niche or voice as soon as possible, build friendships with other bloggers in the industry, and always keep learning new techniques and skills. Focus on what you offer that’s unique in the travel blogging world. Build your reader base by focusing on good storytelling and photography and quality SEO rather than chasing social media followers, which are dependent on algorithms outside your control.

7) Make money with Software

Tim Soulo – Marketing & Strategy Manager at Ahrefs

tim soulo from ahrefs

Here at Ahrefs we make money by selling a monthly subscription to our SAAS product. And in all honesty, selling software products online is quite troublesome.

The web is an extremely dynamic place, and, regardless of what your product does, you’ll have to constantly make changes to it in order to adapt. Other than that, you’ll have to outpace your competition in terms of features, quality, marketing, branding, etc.

So I’m afraid I can’t say that building and selling software products online is a fun and easy way to make money. But it surely has a ton of potential and if I wanted to build an 8-figure business from the scratch, I’d totally pick software over anything else.

Okay, those above are my top 7 ideas to earn money working from home. Let’s cover a few more ways.

8) Data Entry From Home

If you do not have any other skills but you can type fast, you can get a freelance data entry job and work at home. You can find such projects on Upwork or, SmartApartmentData,, Craiglist, or just type “data entry job from home” in Google and you’ll find plenty of opportunities.

What I don’t like about data entry is that it’s boring, monotonous and you don’t learn a lot while doing it. However, it’s good beginning if you want to start your freelance career and make money now without having to learn any new skills.

9) Make money as an Influencer

Well, you don’t need to be Selena Gomez to be an influencer. For instance, you can take a look at Camille Poiré. She’s not a tennis star or a lingerie model but she has an interesting lifestyle, she’s inspiring and genuine. And she’s doing well. I know her personally and I know that she is making a living by being an influencer.

camwonderlands makes money as an influencer

However, it takes a lot of time if you want to build such a following at Instagram. And most important to get them engaged with you. Then, you can get the attention of brand and promote their products in front of your audience.

10) Join a Remote Company

There are hundreds of fully remote companies or world known companies which hire remotely. You probably heard of Appen, Amazon, Dell, Salesforce, Nielsen, Toyota, Adobe, American Express, Philips but did you know that hire remote workers? Yes, they do. If you want to land a remote job, I suggest you go though Forbe’s list and apply for those which fit you best.

Two more ways to make money online:

11) Make money as a Private Tutor

There are so many sites and apps that hire online tutors. Some of them are Sudypool, Chegg, Often you do not need to have a diploma, you need just to be a native English speaker. You can make between $10 to $30 per hour by teaching kids from China or other Asian countries.

12) Make Money Online by Selling Photos

You can make money if you’re a photographer or even if you like shooting photos as a hobby when traveling and hanging out. There are many sites where you can try to sell your photos. One of them is Shutterstock, according to their website over $500 million has been paid out to their contributors. Other sites: Fotolia, Alamy, Fotomoto, Crestock, 500px.


What’s the easiest way to make money online?

I do not there is an easy way to earn money online. And what does easy mean? For some $6000 per month is hard, for others is easy.

Become a freelancer or start your own thing?

It’s totally up to you. You can even do both. Making some money like a freelancer and developing your own business at that time.

How do I make money online without spending money?

All 13 ways I mentioned above do not require you to invest money. Although, you should remember that when you’re investing your time, which is also very valuable.

What are the best courses on making money online?

Nowadays there are courses on everything. Just search for your thing and you will find a course on it.

Is it possible to make money by doing nothing?

No. If you stumble upon such a way, it’s probably a scam.

What is the best way to earn money online in 2018?

All 13 ways are applicable for 2018.

How can I make money online without a website?

You can become a freelancer or get a remote job.

How to make money online? (10 legit ways)

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