Our Mission

Business and Digital Marketing Training’s mission is to support the development of young people who want to find freelance projects or want to work from home in the digital marketing field.


People we’re aiming to help are in at least one of the following categories:

– People living in small towns with no jobs. Many of them leave their hometowns because they cannot find work and professional realization.

– People with disabilities who have difficulties commuting to their workplace.

– People who want to escape 9 to 5 life and work from home, travel the world, and enjoy life.

– People who want to start an online business and make a living from it.

Our students are future digital marketing specialists, freelancers, and owners of small businesses, aged 19-50 and based in the US. We will use English as our main language in order to help as many people as possible.

How do we help people?

  • We publish educational content on our website Digitalnovas.com, so that people can learn digital marketing.
  • We provide our educational courses for free.
  • We hold free seminars and conferences for people interested in what we teach.

We’re helping people in two steps:

1) We help people learn the professional skills they need to work from home, to become freelancers, and/or to start their own online business.

2) We teach people actionable steps on how to find work online and make a living from their online business.

Who is this not for?

This is not for anybody who wants to chase a fortune overnight. Our goal is to help people get the skills they need and gain more freedom with location and money.


Our main project:

Digitalnovas.com is our main project. It is an online guide about how to become a digital marketing expert and how to gain more projects, as well as a comprehensive source for detailed tutorials, videos, and free courses.





Our Teamgeorgi todorov

Georgi Todorov is the founder of Digital Novas. He has a solid marketing background and strong networking abilities. Georgi is responsible for managing and ensuring all processes DigitalNovas are running smoothly.

boryana nedkova

Boryana Nedkova is our event manager. She has an extensive knowledge in online and offline marketing, and also practical experience in the educational sphere.

nenad nikoloski

Nenad Nikolovski is responsible for establishing partnerships with NGOs from the Western Balkans (Serbia, Croatia, Macedonia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Montenegro and Kosovo). His assertive personality made him a valuable addition to our team.

kiril milanov

Kiril Milanov is a final-year student of Business Management and Entrepreneurship at New Bulgarian University. He also has background in Marketing and non-formal Education.