The DigitalNovas Scholarship

DigitalNovas is an NGO that specializes in SEO and Link Building education. We’re doing courses and training sessions for digital marketing companies and individuals.


1) $1000 USD
2) Access to my premium SEO course.

How to Apply

1) Write an essay of 800+ words on one of the following topics:
*10 Tips for Successful Freelancing
*How to Become a Freelancer
*How teaching SEO in universities may benefit the industry?
*5 Reasons Why Universities Should Teach SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
*Why SEO is Important for Businesses?
*Why You Should Consider a Career in SEO?
*What Is SEO Copywriting and Why Is It Important?
*What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important?
*10 SEO Link Building Tips for 2019
*Link Building for Newbies: 3 Basics You Must Know
*The Top 3 Benefits Of Link Building

2) You must publish the post online publicly. This can be a student blog on your university website, your own website, or a blog platform like,, or the like. Here is a list with the best blogging platforms.

3) Include at least 3 links citing authoritative sources on digital marketing, including 1 link to a page from (Please, try to find the most relevant page on and link to it. If you cannot find a relevant page, linking to the home page is okay).

Important: Please, No plagiarized content. Each essay will be checked through Plagiarism checker and essays with plagiarized sentences will be disqualified.

Deadline to Apply

Send an email to Include your full name, the name of your university and link to the article you published.

The deadline is April 30st 2019.

A panel of SEO experts will choose the winner on the 7th of May 2019.