White Hat Link Building Service

Silver Package

  • 3 Guest posts per month
  • 2 Q&A links per
  • 5 bookmarking links
  • 5 Directory links
  • $800/month

Gold Package

  • 6 Guest posts
  • 5 Q&A links
  • 10 bookmarking links
  • 10 Directory links
  • $1500/month

Platinum Package

  • 12 Guest posts
  • 10 Q&A links
  • 20 bookmarking links
  • 20 Directory links
  • $2800/month



Guest posts

Contextual backlinks within an article from a reputable publisher are the most powerful backlinks of all. These are the links that make the difference and move the needle. I help my clients to establish links from publishers by carrying out blogger outreach and placing links on large editorial sites. All backlinks come from genuine human-to-human outreach and building relationships with bloggers/editors. All links come from real sites with traffic and authority. Content creation is included within the price of each package. I have a team of writers who cover most niches and I prefer to use them than to use other writers. And I don’t use private blog networks (PBN) sites for guest posts.

I do not use PBN sites for guest posts. Why?

Why not use PBN sites?

I’m not going to lie to you. PBN sites still work in some cases. The problem is that it’s more expensive and it takes more time to maintain a private blog network than to do genuine blogger outreach.
Let’s do the math. You’d have to buy an expired domain for $200, host it for $20, order ten cheap articles for $10 each and carry out a private whois for $5. So far, that’s $335 for a single link. I think that’s too expensive for a site that’s full of low quality content, that has no audience and which gets very little traffic. Why should you do that if you can get links from reputable blogs with hundreds of thousands of visitors a month?
Imagine you’re in a competitive niche and you need links from over 100 domains to rank on the first page. You’d have to maintain a private blog network of more than 100 sites! That’s a lot of hustle, a lot of money and if one of your competitors finds out about your network and reports it to Google, your ranking goes down the drain.
Many people just rent or buy backlinks from public blog network sites. That’s not a good idea at all. Those sites are excessively selling backlinks and some of them are toxic (which means they don’t have a positive impact on your site – they have a negative one!).


Q&A Sites

By Q&A sites, I mean typical question and answer sites like Quora, Yahoo Answers, Answerbag and Answers, as well as niche forums that are related to your website. These sites consist solely of users asking questions and other users answering those questions. We’ll participate in the discussions, answering the questions and referencing your website. This will help SEO and can also drive traffic to your website. Remember, any link that drives traffic to your site is a good link and Google will like it, even if it’s nofollowed. Q&A links are one of the best ways to improve your SEO and to generate targeted traffic.
This is actually Neil Patel’s favourite method of linkbuilding and driving traffic to his blog! He’s previously mentioned that he uses Q&A sites, and you can see that he’s telling the truth by taking a look at his omnipresence on Quora.


Social Bookmarking Links

Linkbuilding has evolved and you can’t rank using only social bookmarking links as you could a few years ago. Despite this, they’re still an important part of the overall link mix and it can be useful to use them. There are plenty of authority sites like Bibsonomy, Bizsugar, Blogengage, Blogbookmark, Digg and Folkd that can positively affect your link profile. The key is to stick to white hat SEO practices and to write longer descriptions if the sites allow it. Using targeted keywords is important, too. We write unique descriptions for every single bookmark we create. Then we wait a while to see if it gets indexed. If it doesn’t, we try again.


Blog comment backlinks

Leaving comments can be a great way to build relationships with bloggers and influencers. That’s right, you shouldn’t think of commenting as being just for the sake of a link. That’s the wrong mind-set and it can actually be counterproductive. Blog commenting as an SEO technique is used by spammers and black hat SEOs. Our approach is different. First, we find recent blog posts in your industry. Then we read the article and create a non-spammy answer that adds value to the conversation and work on building an ongoing relationship. Such links bring traffic and have SEO value, but they also increase the odds that you’ll start up a discussion and end up earning further organic links from future blog posts.


Directory backlinks

These backlinks are good for branding, and can get you some direct leads. We’re very picky when choosing a directory for your links. The directory must have traffic, good reputation, it does not allow keyword-anchored texts, does not accept every link submission and have moderation, the directory is frequently updated and there are no spammy sites in it or sites with bad reputation. Most of the directories are worthless. It’s better to focus on the best directories, and those which are relevant to your business. Do not buy services that promise hundreds or thousands of directory links for X amount of money. This will just hurt your website.



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Great work! – Antonio Cuellar

Genuine Outreach Linkbuilding. Great communication, great working skills in outreaching and high work quality and efficiency. I’d love work with Georgi next time. – Jesse Fascol

Georgi helped me a lot with a great white hat backlinking. Totally recommend the guy, great service and very friendly. – Roy Moses.


“Georgi has done amazing work for me over the period of about 3 months. He works very fast and provides top quality work. He has many connections across Bulgaria and other European countries. There is no one better to help with your SEO outreach. Thanks for everything Georgi, you’re a star!” – Kerri Katz from WMG Agency.

Georgi Todorov has been building/earning relevant links to my clients for more than a year. Just a couple of these links are enough to move the needle and improve ranking significantly. The websites that Georgi is publishing the articles are very authoritative and the articles are also of highest quality. Totally worth paying a few hundreds for a single backlink. – Arvydas Tamulis.

Georgi is a creative and self starting link builder who greatly helped the link building for one of my sites and needed very little direction. I would use him again with out question, highly recommended. – Sameul Lawson.